Private Yoga Sessions

Wellness programs are not a luxury only afforded the wealthy, they are essential to facilitating preventative healthcare for everyone. In our modern society we have idolized busyness, and this lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our health. When our health is compromised, we often lack the energy needed to be our best selves, to learn and grow and love to our full capacity. Your spouse, your family, your community needs you to be able to offer your whole self in service to each other and the greater good. And this starts by taking care of you. By cultivating your own good health and well being. By becoming a more calm, grounded, focused, productive, peaceful, joyful person.

$50 for a 75-minute session*

Complementary first consultation session for all new clients.

Regular yoga practice is the key to sustained benefits. Most clients have continued sessions once or twice per week, at my home studio, on the same scheduled day/time. These sessions are completely customized to your fitness level and ability, from beginner to advanced practitioner or athlete. Your physical/emotional needs are evaluated at each session to provide you with a personalized sequence of specific postures and movements, breath work, and meditation practice to address the issues you have in the moment.

*$50 flat base rate may include up to 4 people in a session. Custom pricing for groups larger than 4 available upon request.

why private yoga?

  • Do you have time constraints? Busy? Not available at specific studio times?
  • Want accountability or individual attention to reach your health/wellness goals more efficiently?
  • Finding that one-size fits all group classes are too intense/advanced and don't actually suit everyone's needs?
  • Do you have an injury or illness that requires you to have therapeutic modifications for exercise? 
  • Do you suffer from chronic stress or anxiety and need specific tools to find deep relaxation in your body?
  • Intimidated by "yoga" itself? Want to get the benefits without the "new age-y" lingo or associations?
  • Are you an athlete (runner, bicyclist, weight lifter/cross-fit, etc.) who needs a flexibility regimen to complement your workout?