Prayer Yoga Sessions

Prayer Yoga is a faith-based health and wellness ministry focusing on prayer and praise through yogic modalities, offering our whole being- mind, body and spirit, in worship to God. 

Preparing our whole selves to spend time with God in prayer and meditation means we strive for physical health in order to remove distractions that come about when we try to sit still. But it’s also about cultivating awareness of our busy mind and heavy hearts in order to be fully present and open to receiving His light, love, and inspiration. When our hearts, minds, and bodies are connected in a God-centered focus, we can create a moving meditation and embodied form of authentic worship. Prayer Yoga sessions are offered for group settings, or customized to fit private/semi-private sessions (at the same rate as regular private yoga sessions).

Meditative music integration

Prayer Yoga sessions incorporate live music to enhance the worship experience. Eastern theories of sound therapy and western theology, traditional hymns, and contemporary worship music are blended together with slow, peaceful drone tones and vocal melodies. The harmonium allows a certain freedom with no tempo or expectation, but does have subtle scale structure. Most importantly, the full and constant relaxing sounds help us to calm the body and mind so we can simply rest in God’s presence as we meditate on His truths.

prayer yoga for gatherings

Infuse your corporate worship with creative expression. Invite your congregation or small group to participate in this unique, whole-body experience of seeking God. Content can be customized to fit a particular theme/topic, sermon series, or the liturgical calendar. Prayer Yoga sessions can be offered as a regular weekly/bi-weekly/monthly activity, or integrated into the programming of special events/retreats.