Client Feedback

Yoga with Becky is the highlight of my week. She has amazing knowledge of yoga practices and the human body and how they work together. She explains things so you understand how certain positions benefit our body and mind. The breathing techniques really help me focus and she is always encouraging. I have improved greatly since I first started and have even noticed an improvement with my blood pressure. I always feel the stress melt away and am relaxed and centered after a session with Becky. Highly recommend!!!
— Karen S.
I had been looking for an exercise program suitable for me. Over the years, I have dabbled in various programs, but they never seemed like a good fit. I was a member of a major workout facility, and even though I seemed to be getting stronger, I dreaded the whole process each time I worked out! It was painful, wore me out, made me nervous, and my general anxiety level went through the roof. It dawned on me one day I needed something peaceful- I knew I wanted to strengthen my body, but I wanted something more relaxing and less stressful. I have been working with Becky for a while now, and have finally found my niche after all these years! Not only is Becky an excellent teacher- she is gentle, kind, and so patient! She sees my individual strengths and weaknesses and works with me at my own level. While she does encourage me to push my body at times (always gently), she never makes me feel guilty for not “performing perfectly”. I am becoming stronger, I sleep better, I am more relaxed, and I am thinking more clearly. I am so thankful for Becky- this whole experience has been a true gift!
— Christy L.